Here are some commonly asked questions from existing clients:

Q) Is Trophy Queen Closed?

A) Trophy Queen is ABSOLUTELY not closed! I just moved my studio from California to Sweden, and going back to my original business model from 17 years ago. I am going back to being an artist and hanging up my "Employer Hat" so that I can regain my creativity and also focus on my consulting/coaching services to help other artist and independent businesses grow.

Q) Will I be able to purchase from you at future car shows and events?

A) YES! Though I will only be doing a few select shows each year, I will still be attending and selling at shows. I also plan on doing "Pop Up Shops" aka "Trunk Shows" which provide a more intimate shopping experience and allows me to travel to more areas that I wasn't able to travel to in the past. I'm always happy to set up a Pop Up Shop in your area if enough people are interested!

Q) Will shipping charges be expensive from Sweden to the USA?

A) Don't worry folks! I have already been in contact with several shipping agents and am negotiating pricing from Sweden. So excessive shipping charges will not be an issue when making future Trophy Queen purchases.

Q) What if I need a little tune up or repair on one of my Trophy Queen bags?

A) Once I get settled in my new studio and supplies gathered, I can address that issue and work on a solution. It is important to me that each and every Trophy Queen client is happy and well taken care of. I will not leave you hanging and will always take good care of you. Even if it takes a little time!

Have further questions? Feel free to email me anytime

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